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Falkirk meet

our central scotland corsasport.co.uk meet in the falkirk retail park

  • Chris Bingham (Private)
    16 years 8 months ago
    chris bingham frontside

    It is a 1.4 16v (at the moment). It is lowered by 40mm but the I.C.E install brings it down by another 5mm. Its easy to do and its just made the ride a bit bouncy. I didn't replace the shocks at the time and it doesn't matter as long as you put up with the bouncy ride. i got used to it and doesn't bother me now. When I get the 17"'s on and 2.0l 16v in, i'm upgrading the suspension.

    anything else, let me know.

  • RICK (Private)
    16 years 8 months ago
    chris bingham frontside
    is that a corsa sport 1.4 16v. If so i have the same. I want to lower mine. Is yours lowered if so by how much and have you had any problems. I was just just going to use lowering springs but was not sure about changing struts and shockers to save money.
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