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Ultimate Scottish Street Car Crail 1808

pics from the USSC crail thrash

  • Mark Goldie (Private)
    16 years 5 months ago
    Nice Pics Of ma Corsa at Crail.
  • Scott_Sxi (Private)
    16 years 7 months ago
    Hey its very nice mate, keep up the nice modding:-)
  • Puntosporting (Private)
    16 years 8 months ago
    Needs bigger wheels but still cool. Only cause i have one

    (edited by Icy)
    theyre 16s btw
    big enough i reckon
    cars looks better in the flesh :D
  • Phil Hall (Private)
    16 years 8 months ago
    Is that the guy that has a 2Ltr on TB's and runs low 14's on the quarter. If it is then he's the guy that beat Kindness.

    yeh thats the one that rapes adam all the time on the strip LOL
    its a bored 2.0 with throttle bodies etc..
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